NorthEast Sportsman Series Racing Club

Fairground Class Rules

Chassis Specifications
 AFX Magna-traction or JL/AW X-traction
Modifications- mounting tabs may be removed and screw posts installed
Bottom of chassis may be sanded but shall still
retain plastic under magnets.

Ceramic magnets made for above chassis. Magnets may be shimmed with non ferrous material.

Any Aurora,AFX, JL/AW
Minimum ohm of 14.0
Balancing and truing allowed
No de-winds or rewinds

Gears- open
Crown gear shall be plastic
May be shaved and or shimmed
Spacers permitted both inside and outside of the chassis
Cluster gear rivet with screw

Electrical System
Brushes- Open
Brush springs- Open
Pickups- Open
Pickup Springs- Open
Guide- Open

Any axle allowed
Front end- Open
Rear Rims- open that support slip on silicone tires.

Rear Tires; any color slip on verity
Any front tires are allowed


Hard shell injection molded or resin cast American 2 door
model 1950-1985. Bodies “Fairgrounds” style
Three numbers are suggested
Windshields are optional
Bodies may be lightened and lowered
Bumpers are optional
Screw post allowed

All AFX and JL/AW parts can be mixed and matched in either chassis.

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