NorthEast Sportsman Series Racing Club

Jolapy Class Rules

Chassis Specifications
copper T-jet chassis
Modifications - gear plate rails may be trimmed

Magnets maybe sanded
Magnets may be shimmed with non ferrous material.

Aurora, gray end, minimum 16.0 ohms
Balancing/truing allowed
No re-winds/de-winds

Brass-Stock or stock replacement.
No beveled gears
Modifications – Gears may be polished/sanded
pinion 9 tooth.
Crown – stock/stock replacement 15 tooth

Electrical System
Brushes – copper, Xing Permitted (flat top)
Shoes -Stock or stock replacement-copper- American Line, Aurora, 504, slot tec, No ski shoes
magnets-ceramic only/Any Aurora/JL/AW/Dash

Any Axle allowed
All wheels must be plastic
Double Flange Wheels are allowed
i.e. HO Reproduction s, ZoominMotorsports,
JW,RTHO etc.
Truck axle hole will be used for front axle


Fronts can be any slip on tire Min .420".
Rears can be any slip on tire Min..460"
Tire width shall be no wider than .175 (AJ’s Width)
Tires may be made of silicone
Tires may be glued to the hubs

Hard-shell (Injection, resin cast) body
Any year coupes and coaches
Two screws used to mount the body to the chassis
Body may be lowered and lightened
Fender wells may be cut for tire clearance
Front fenders may be removed
There is no height requirement
No Lexan Bodies

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