NorthEast Sportsman Series Racing Club

T-Jet Willie Class With AFX Hubs Rules

Chassis Specifications
Aurora T-jet chassis copper only
Modification to Chassis and gear plate – none
Weights – not allowed on chassis or body
Mounting use 2 existing holes in chassis

stock T-Jet only, shimming allowed, plastic or non-ferrous shims

stock t-jet arm only 16 OHM minimum
balancing allowed

stock only (crown may be aftermarket)
Pinion Gear – 9 tooth only

Electrical System

Pick Up Shoes - stock Aurora T-Jet or American only
Brushes – copper composite flat brush only may be scored

Rims – AFX type front and rear, stock or after market (Double flange rear OK)
Shimming allowed inside and outside of chassis
Axles – open, no carbide

Rear Tires - Slip on silicone only.
Front Tires (Wide or narrow hubs)- -rubber or "O"-rings.
Minimum front tire height .345
Minimum rear tire height .375
Maximum tire width 1 5/16”

Any Aurora (t-Jet type) , Johnnie Lightening, model motoring , dash, etc.
Injection molded, no resin, no Lexan
Body wheel wells may be cut
No Body weighting allowed
Body Must have 3 numbers
Body must have front glass

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