NorthEast Sportsman Series Racing Club

Texas HO Racing (THOR) Trans Am Class Rules (New York Style)

Chassis Specifications
Must use stock Aurora copper chassis
You may trim gear plate rails back to the front gear.
Rear rails of gear plate may be cut to lower body.
Single plastic guide pin in original position only

Stock Aurora t-jet magnets only.
Non-ferrous or plastic shimming of magnets allowed.

Any stock Aurora T-jet armature with grey tip allowed. 16 ohm or higher.
Balancing allowed, no truing.

9 tooth pinion only
Crown gear can be aftermarket no smaller than .300 inch.

Electrical System
Any replacement copper pick-up shoe is allowed.  (No ski shoes allowed.)
You may limit pick-up shoe travel.
Any flat copper brush allowed.
No modification of brush except scoring.

JW's aluminum or brass wheels sets or equivalent are legal.  (Part number W01A-1 or W01B-1).
You cannot mix and match aluminum hubs with brass hubs.
Front hub insides may be sanded to clear pick-up shoes.
You may use brass or plastic shims on front axel on outside of chassis.
You may use plastic or brass shims on rear axel inside or outside of chassis.
Only short Aurora axels front and rear are legal.
Maximum width from outside of hubs front and rear is .985 inch.


Minimum front tire height .320 inch and rear .350 inch.
O-rings or aftermarket tires allowed.
Silicone rear tires allowed.
All tires must be black.
Rear skinny silicone tires
Body must resemble cars of the Trans-Am era with numbers on doors and hood or roof.
Bodies that are allowed: Aurora, Dash, RRR, Autoworld, Johnny Lightening, (1972 or older), Mustang, Firebird, Camaro, Cougar, Javelin (AMX), Barracuda, and Challenger.
Bodies may be trimmed on the inside only
 Must maintain a weight of at least 3.5 grams with body screws in place.
Weight cannot be added to body or chassis.
Cars must have front and rear glass or rear louvre.
No cutting of wheel wells or any other modification to the outside of the body.

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