Calendar of Events



Sept. 8th    DCM Raceway   

Vintage Tin on Mini Max, Dune Buggys & LMS on Tub

Sept. 29th   Mini Motor Speedway   

Trans-Am, Willys A/FX & LMS w/ Truck Body.  All on Max Trax

Oct. 20th   Loh's Motor Speedway   

Flamethrowers on Mini Beast, Coupes on Wizzard Oval & LMS w/ VW Body on TKO

Nov. 10th   STP Speedway  

 Euro-Box Stock on 12' Max Trax, Tuff-Jets on 16' Max Trax & LMS w/ Ford vs. Chevy Body on 12' Max Trax

Dec. 1st   Sparklean Raceway   

MEV's, Indys & LMS w/ Super Stock Body on Wizzard

Dec. 15th   Loh's Motor Speedway   

Holiday Race Party - Pot Luck Dinner and IROCS on Wizzard and TKO       



Jan. 6th   Raider Raceway 

 Vintage Tin on Tub, Jalopy & LMS w/ Fairgrounds Body on TKO

Jan. 26th   Mini Motor Speedway  

 Euro-Box Stock, Grand Nationals & LMS   All on Max Trax

Feb. 16th   DCM Raceway   

Trans-Am on Mini Max, Tuff-Jets & LMS w/ VW Body on Tub

March 9th  Loh's Motor Speedway   

MEV's on Mini Beast, Fairgrounds on Wizzard Oval & LMS w/ Truck Body on TKO

March 30th   STP Speedway   

Flamethrowers on 16' Max Trax, Indys on 12' Max Trax & LMS w/ Super Stock Body on 16' Max Trax

April 21st   Raider Raceway   

Vintage Tin on Tub, Willys A/FX & LMS w/ Fairground Body on TKO

May 11th  Sparklean Raceway   

Trans-Am, Tuff-Jets & LMS w/ Ford vs. Chevy Body on Wizzard

June 8th   NESSRC Championship Race Event at DCM Raceway Races TBD on Mini Max & TUB  Plus Trophy Presentation for Season Points Champions