Coupe Class


Similar to the Jalopy, the Coupes class, is an open wheeled, 2 door, dirt, oval racing. High speeds lead to big wrecks so  be prepared to have some fun. The difference between Jalopy and Coupes is T-Jet and AFX Non-Mag chassis.

Chassis Specifications
AFX non-magnation only
Weights are not allowed

Maximum width 1-5/16”

Stock AFX, mean green

Minimum ohm of 5.0 

Balancing is allowed

Truing is not allowed

No de-winds or rewinds

Electrical System 

Pick up shoes – open (maybe restricted) 

Skis are not allowed

Pick up shoe springs - open

Brushes-open (maybe scored)

Stock AFX only
No traction or polymer magnets

Maybe be shimmed with non-ferrous material

Only stock gears allowed

AFX crown gear: Super II 19t crown is allowed
AFX driven gear rivet may be replaced with screw

Wheels - stock AFX, aftermarket plastic, aluminum single, double flange
AFX cars shall use rear wheels that support slip-on silicon tires.
Axle spacers allowed inside and outside of chassis 

Independent AFX front is allowed

Tires Rear – slip silicone only
Tires Front - any slip on tire which fits AFX wide hub, o-ring, rubber tire or silicone slip on are allowed

Any hard shell injection molded or resin, coupe or coach style 

No lexan
Body must have 3 numbers
Body mounting - open
Windshield - open or maybe removed