European Super Box Stock

We like to include some of the European cars too. Go dust off your favorite car from across the pond and slap her down on the track!

Chassis Specification

Aurora or Model Motoring only copper T-jet chassis
Chassis and gear plate must remain stock without modifications
No venting, lightening or trimming allowed

No weight may be added to the chassis
No metal bearings allowed

 Maximum width is 1-1/8 inch

Aurora or Model Motoring stock T-jet armature 

Minimum ohm of 16.0
Balancing is not allowed

Truing is not allowed

No re-winds or de-winds allowed

Electrical System

Pick up shoes - open (maybe restricted)

Skis are not allowed

Pick up shoe springs - open

Brushes - flat copper composite only (maybe scored)

Any T-jet or Johnny Lightning magnet

Sanding is not allowed

Magnets maybe shimmed with plastic or non-ferrous material
No Polymers


Aurora or Model Motoring Brass - stock or stock replacement 

Beveled gears are not allowed 

Gears may be polished/sanded 

Shimming is allowed with plastic or non-ferrous material Stock Aurora crown gear or any other aftermarket crown gear for 9-tooth pinion.

Stock axles
T-jet truck axles allowed but have to fit in tech (maybe cut)

Tires and Wheels
Plastic Front end- non-indep. or independent

Rear - Mopar Mountain Style from DCM
Front tire size - minimum .350 inch
Rear tire size - minimum .360 inch

European Race Body only
Injection molded body, no resin
Front and rear glass or open cockpit w/ all parts
Body needs 3 numbers
Lowering allowed but only by cutting posts
No trimming wheel wells
Two screws are required
Minimum Body weight 3 grams