Grand National Class Rules


Grand Nationals are based on Nascar from the 60's through 80's. That Richard Petty style racing is always good fun. Get those big block Chevys, Fords, and Mopars ready cause its time to go racing. 

Chassis Specifications
Aurora or Model Motoring copper T-Jet chassis only
Motor plate rail can be cut to lower body

No venting or lightening allowed

No metal bearings allowed

No weight maybe added

Guide Pin maybe be guide


Any Aurora 

Minimum ohm of 5.0 

Balancing is allowed

Truing is allowed  

No rewinds or de-winds

Electrical System
Pick up shoes - open (maybe restricted)

Skis are not allowed

Pick up springs - open
Brushes - open (maybe scored)

Ceramic magnets only/Any Aurora/MM/JL/AW/Dash
Magnets maybe sanded
Magnets maybe shimmed with non ferrous material

No polymer


Brass - open
Crown gear - stock replacement/plastic/15 tooth,
Boss can be shaved spacers permitted inside and outside of the chassis

Gears maybe polished

Any axle allowed
Wheels - any that support wide slip on tires

Brass or Plastic wheels are allowed
Shimming is allowed

Front tire - width 3/16 inch minimum
Rear tires - open and slip on variety


USAC/ARCA/NASCAR Late model type that ran from 1960-1980, replicas suggested.

Hard shell, resin, wide bodies permitted
Cars shall have front windshield
Rear windshield is optional
Body must have 3 numbers

Two Screws are Required