Jalopy Class Rules


The Jalopy class is the dirt modified open wheel racing we love to watch. Get in the grove with the class and get ready to sling some dirt. Big tires and open wheels makes for some great racing.

Chassis Specifications
Aurora or Model Motoring copper T-jet chassis only
The gear plate rails may be trimmed to lower the body

Shimming is allowed with plastic or non-ferrous material

No metal bearings allowed

No weight maybe added to chassis

Guide pin maybe glued


Any Aurora or Model Motoring armature

Minimum ohm of 16.0

Grey tip 2 lam

Balancing is allowed

Truing is allowed   

Re-winds or de-winds are not allowed

Electrical System
Pick up shoes - open (maybe restricted)

Pick up shoe springs - open

Skis are not allowed

Brushes – any copper (maybe scored)


Magnets - ceramic only/Any Aurora/JL/AW/Dash
Magnets maybe sanded
Magnets may be shimmed with non ferrous material

No polymer or rare earth magnets

Brass - stock or stock replacement
Beveled gears are not allowed
Gears may be polished/sanded 

Stock or stock replacement 9 tooth pinion
Crown – stock or stock replacement 15 tooth

Shimming is allowed with plastic or non-ferrous material

Any axle allowed
All wheels must be plastic
Double Flange Wheels are allowed
HO Reproductions, ZoominMotorsports, JW, RTHO etc.
Truck axle hole will be used for front axle

Fronts can be any slip on tire Min .420 inch
Rears can be any slip on tire Min .460 inch
Tire width shall be no wider than .175 (AJ’s Width)
Tires may be made of silicone
Tires may be glued to the hubs

Hard-shell (Injection, resin cast) body
Any year coupes and coaches
Two screws used to mount the body to the chassis
Body may be lowered and lightened
Fender wells may be cut for tire clearance
Front fenders may be removed

Glass may be removed

Must have 3 numbers
There is no height requirement
No Lexan Bodies

Two screws are required