MEV Class Rules


MEV is one of the best resin and re-pop bodies companies. Go check out there site and pick a body and let's get to racing.

Chassis Specification

Maximum tech width 1 inch.
Only Aurora or Model Motoring copper T-jet chassis
Chassis must remain stock without modifications. 
No venting, lightening or trimming allowed.  

Chassis gear plate must remain stock without modifications.   
No weight may be added to the chassis.

Aurora or Model Motoring stock

Grey tip 2 Lam maximum motors with a minimum of 16 ohms.  

No balancing, truing, rewinds, or de-winds.

Electrical System
Stock copper chassis - no modifications
Brushes - flat copper open (maybe scored)
Any copper pickup shoe allowed, no ski shoes (maybe restricted)

Stock Aurora magnets only - no modifications.
Magnets may be shimmed with plastics or non-ferrous metal.


Aurora or Model Motoring Brass - stock or stock replacement 

Beveled gears are not allowed 

Gears may be polished/sanded 

Shimming is allowed with plastic or non-ferrous material
Stock Aurora crown gear or any other aftermarket crown gear for 9-tooth pinion.

Any axles allowed
OEM rims or aftermarket double flange rims.

(JWS Part# Plastic W01D-1, DCM-1)
No brass or weighted independent front ends.

Front Tires - open minimum height .350 inch.
Rear Tires - slip on silicone, minimum height .360 inch.

Body Specifications

Minimum body weight 3.5 grams with screws.
Body may be lowered and lightened.
No body weighting allowed.
Fender wells may be cut for tire clearance.
Car must have both bumpers and windshield.

Two screws are required