Late Model Sportsman Class Rules


Late Model Nascar racing from the 80's to current. Gentlemen start your engines! Boogity Boogity let's go racing.

Chassis Specifications
Aurora T-Jet copper, JL, AW, or Dash
Chassis modifications - to allow fitment of copper aftermarket pick up shoes

Motor plate rail can be cut to lower body
Boss shaved and/or spacers permitted inside and outside of the chassis

Dash chassis may use Aurora top plate clip

No metal bearings allowed

Guide Pin maybe glued
Max width 1-5/16" 

Ceramic magnets only/Any Aurora/JL/AW/Dash

No polymer
Magnets maybe sanded
Magnets maybe shimmed with non ferrous material

Aurora Base Chassis- Aurora, JL, AW, or Dash 14.0 ohm min.
Balancing and truing allowed
No dewinds or rewinds

Plate/pinion gears - Stock or Stock replacement (non-beveled)
JL/AW/Dash may use Brass gears
Pinion - Stock or Stock replacement (9, 12, 14)
Crown gear/stock or stock replacement
CNC or machined gears allowed

Gears maybe polished

Electrical System
Pick up shoes - open (maybe restricted)

Skis are not allowed

Pick up springs - stock or stock replacement
Brushes -open must be copper (maybe scored)

Any axles are allowed
Any rims are allowed

Any tires are allowed

Sponge silicone are recommended

NASCAR/Sprint cup style 1980 to current
Hard shell injection mold or resin cast.
Wide version-Tyco/LL/JL/AW/BRP etc.
3 numbers required/doors and roof
Bodies may be lowered
Rockers may be sanded
Wheel wells may be sanded
Front and rear windshields only

Holes maybe drilled for top plate oiling

Note: Body type/make/model change each race see the race schedule

Total car weight min 20.0 grams