Texas HO Racing (THOR) Trans Am Class Rules (New York Style)


America's Road Racing Series from the 1960's-1970's. Narrow widths requires handling and driving skills. Lower those bodies and tuck the wheels for the correct look and handling. Get your favorite Muscle Car and line it up. The Texas Crew brings us the beginning of the T/A series, with our skinniest platform yet.

Chassis Specifications
Aurora or Model Motoring T-jet copper chassis only
Top plate rails maybe trimmed to lower body

No weight maybe added to chassis

No venting, lightening or trimming allowed

No metal bearings allowed

Guide Pin maybe glued

Maximum width is .985 inch


Any stock Aurora T-jet or Model Motoring armature 

Grey tip 2 lam is allowed 

Minimum ohm of 16 

Balancing is allowed

Truing is not allowed

Electrical System  

Pick up shoes - open (maybe restricted)

Skis are not allowed

Pick up shoe springs - open

Brushes - open (maybe scored)

Stock Aurora t-jet magnets only
Shimming is allowed with non-ferrous material


Aurora or Model Motoring Brass - stock or stock replacement 

Beveled gears are not allowed 

Gears may be polished/sanded 

Shimming is allowed with plastic or non-ferrous material Stock Aurora crown gear or any other aftermarket crown gear for 9-tooth pinion.
9 tooth pinion only
Crown gear can be aftermarket no smaller than .300 inch

Axles and Wheels
JW's or DCM's aluminum or brass wheels sets or equivalent are allowed

(JW W01A-1 or W01B-1 and DCM-1 Aluminum)
No mix and match aluminum hubs with brass hubs
Front hub insides maybe sanded to clear pick-up shoes.
Shimming allowed with brass or plastic
Only short Aurora axles front and rear are legal

Minimum front tire height .320 inch and rear .350 inch
O-rings or aftermarket tires are allowed
Silicone rear tires are allowed
All tires must be black
Rear skinny silicone tires

Trans-Am era with 3 numbers
Ant Aurora, Dash, RRR, Autoworld, Johnny Lightening, (1972 or older), Mustang, Firebird, Camaro, Cougar, Javelin (AMX), Barracuda, and Challenger.
Bodies may be trimmed on the inside only
Must maintain a weight of at least 3.5 grams with body screws in place.
Weight cannot be added to body or chassis.
Cars must have front and rear glass or rear louvre.
No cutting of wheel wells or any other modification to the outside of the body.

Two screws are required.