Tuff Jet Class Rules


Get those weekend warriors and Sunday cruisers out of storage because it's time to go hit the track. Muscle cars are what America is known for. There is no replacement for displacement.

Chassis Specifications
Aurora or Model Motoring T-jet chassis copper only
Gear plate rails maybe trimmed to lower the body
Shimming allowed inside and outside of chassis

No weight maybe added to chassis

No venting or lightening allowed

No metal bearings allowed
Guide pin maybe glued

Maximum width 1-3/16”


Stock T-jet arm 

Minimum ohm of 16.0 only 

Balancing allowed

Truing is not allowed

Electrical System  

Pick up shoes - stock Aurora T-Jet, American line or Wizard only (Copper)  

Shoes maybe restricted

Skis are not allowed

Pick up shoes springs - open

Brushes – copper composite flat brush only (maybe scored)

Stock T-Jet only

Shimming is allowed with plastic or non-ferrous material


Aurora or Model Motoring Brass - stock or stock replacement 

Beveled gears are not allowed 

Gears may be polished/sanded 

Shimming is allowed with plastic or non-ferrous material Stock Aurora crown gear or any other aftermarket crown gear for 9-tooth pinion.

Axles – open, no carbide
Rims – Aurora tuff one type front and back.

Aftermarket double flange is allowed

Rear Tires - Slip on silicone only.
Front Tires (Wide or narrow hubs) - rubber or o-rings.
Minimum front tire height .345
Minimum rear tire height .350

Any, Aurora (t-Jet type), Johnnie Lightening, model motoring , Auto world, dash, etc.
Body must have front and rear glass. 
All body parts must be intact.
Injection molded, no resin, no Lexan
Minimum body weight 3 grams.
No Body weighting allowed
Body wheel wells may be cut

Body maybe lowered

Two screws are required